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Medical VA

We provide specialized Virtual Assistants to Medical, Dental, and Veterinary professionals to help improve workflow, save time, and reduce costs by handling certain patient focused and back-office tasks.

Our Virtual Assistants will have the education and/or experience to fulfill the responsibilities of their job. All of our Medical Virtual Assistants (MVA) have a nursing degree and some will be a registered nurse in their home country.

All of our Medical, Dental and Veterinary back-office virtual assistants have experience with healthcare back-office procedures.

Where needed the VA’s are trained in HIPPA regulations and procedures.

We can provide Spanish/English speaking VA’s when requested, many of whom were raised and educated in the United States.

Our VAs come from the Philippines, Mexico, Columbia, El Salvador and Guatemala.

Some of the tasks your VA can do for you:


● Reception
● EMR Management
● Refills Processing
● Patient appointment scheduling
● Billing


● Patient Prescreening
● Patient orientation and setup
● IT Telemedicine Support


● Document physician-patient encounters
● Type out physician notes
● Transcribe voicemail messages
● Transcribe audio recordings


● Take patient information
● Follow physician orders & office protocols
● Prioritize clinic visits and referrals to facilities


● Submit prior authorizations
● Receive and process prior authorizations
● Process eligible request
● Communicate ineligible request


● Maintain your digital footprint
● Records management and maintenance

The benefits of adding a Virtual Assistant to your practice are multifold. They include reduced costs, less strain on your current staff, eliminating the backlog of work, elimination of reduced service levels when current staff is out sick, on vacation or on maternity leave, increased level of service to your patients, and many more. 

Our VAs are ideal for helping expand your Telemedicine program. Telemedicine has been a necessity due to COVID, but most experts believe that it is here to stay and will continue to expand and increase in acceptance. According to a recent article the 5 C’s will shape the future of telemedicine: Care, Convenience, Comfort, Confidentiality and Contagion.


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