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Staff Outsource Solutions rates for standard positions

Position Hourly Rates (USD)
SOS Full Time Part Time
Telemarketer $10.15 $9.75
General Virtual Assistant $10.95 $10.50
Marketing Virtual Assistant $12.00 $11.50
Digital Marketing Specialist $12.75 $12.50
Social Media Specialist $13.50 $13.00
Web Designer $14.25 $14.00
Graphic Designer $9.50 $9.25
Data Entry $10.40 $10.25
Accountant $16.00 $15.50
Bookkeeper $17.00 $16.50
14 Competitors from the first three pages of Google*
For a general virtual assistant
Avg. $/ hour Set-up fee
U.S. HQ./India VAs 1 $7.50
India HQ/Inda VAs 4 $7.69
Staff Outsource Solutions $10.15 $0
PH HQ/PH VAs 1 $10.18 $275
U.S. HQ/Worldwide VAs 10* $10.28 $99/$350
40 Hours Set-up Free HQ VA Country Notes
SOS $9.75 None US Worldwide Pay Weekly in arrears
#1 $7.50 India India Pre-pay $1200 for four, forty hour weeks
#2 $11.00 India India
#3 $6.25 India India Pre-pay monthly subscription
#4 $7.50 US India Pre-pay monthly subscription
#5 $10.18 $275 PH PH
#6 $10.90 $350 US ? Focused on RE
#7 $11.90 US PH
#8 $10.50 US Various
#9 $11.80 US PH, Latam $1975/mo/associate.Minimum two VAs. Pre-pay monthly
#10 $13.88 US Worldwide $2,500 per month for 180 hrs per month
#11 $7.99 US Worldwide Pre-pay $1278 every four weeks.
#12 $9.36 US PH, India $1499.90 for 160 hours per month
#13 $9.95 $99 US ? Pre-pay
#14 $9.00 US ? Pre-pay for blocks of time. Hours good for 90 days. dont get to pick your VA

Pricing FAQ

You will pay our published rate unless you have specific requirements that require additional skills

We invoice you at the end of each week for the hours worked

Credit Cards, Zelle, ACH, Bitcoin

All outsourced staff have a time tracking tool loaded to their computer

We pull a report from the time tracker and attach it to the invoice

Yes, We can have the time tracker take screenshots and you can have access to it.

Yes, we will pre-arrange a commission amount

Yes. We provide PTO, eight paid US holidays, HMO health insurance, and year-end bonus.

Yes. You tell us what you want to bonus, we add it to the invoice and pass it on to them

Yes. So all parties are aware of the arrangement. It states you can cancel at any time


At Staff Outsource Solutions, we believe in transparent and tailored pricing to suit your unique needs. Our competitive rates ensure access to top-notch professionals without breaking the bank. No hidden charges, no surprises – just straightforward and cost-effective solutions for your business. Additionally, our fully scalable model allows you to pay only for the services you require.

Our Areas of Expertise


Dive into the strengths of Staff Outsource Solutions. We specialize in connecting you with the right professionals, be it for singular roles or overseeing large projects. Our expertise spans diverse business sectors, ensuring tailored solutions that elevate your product or service. Experience the simplicity of effective collaboration, finely tuned to meet your industry's distinct needs.

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